Never choose a Limousine by Price

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Never choose a Limousine by Price

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Never choose a limousine service by price alone.  In no business like the limo business is the axiom “You get what you pay for” more correct.  Unscrupulous operators will quote a lowball price but will leave you stranded if they get a better paying booking. Remember that there is a price point that limousines companies cannot go below if they want to stay in business so a very low price will virtually always mean a very old and probably ill-maintained and probably uninsured vehicle.  The day of the week and time of year make a huge difference in the rental price.  Limos are the most expensive during prom season and on Friday and Saturday nights. The most expensive night of the year to rent a limo is New Year’s Eve, followed closely by Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Saturdays in June, July and August are also higher priced because of wedding rentals.  The key is to reserve the limo 6-8 weeks in advance for a wedding.

The cost of the limo also varies by the size and type of the vehicle.  A standard 120″ stretch Lincoln Town Car (called a 10 pack) holds eight people comfortably but ten can be crammed into one and rents for $65-$95 per hour depending on the day of the week and the season.  An SUV 160″ stretch Explorer or Navigator will run about $120-$165 per hour and will hold 14 people.  A Hummerzine (220″ HumVee stretch) will hold 18-20 people and will rent for $200-$225 per hour. A party bus will hold 22-25 and cost about $150-$175 per hour.  None of these rates include the tip for the chauffeur and it will be 20% in most cases and will be added automatically to the cost of the rental.  All of these limousines will have a four to six hour minimum and the clock starts when the limo leaves the limousine company in most cases.  Some (but very few) companies will start the time at the pickup point.  The clock ticks even when the limousine in parked and waiting for the passengers to come out of the party or restaurant.

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