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Choosing the Best Limo Service

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Choosing the Best Limo Service – A few tips that can help

Limo services are many when it comes to traveling to and from Seattle Airport. It is these options that make it very confusing to pick a good one. So what are the things you need to look into while choosing a limo service? To understand this you may have to do your homework. Here are a few tips that can help you pick out the best limo service:

Metro Airport Limo Service

Go through a few reviews

This will give you an idea about what you can expect from the limo services that you have short listed. The reviews that you will find on the net are all written by people who have been customers of that Limo service. While there may be many positive reviews, you may also find a couple of the negative ones. Read through these and weigh your pros and cons. Then it becomes easier to decide whether you want to go with the Limo service or not.

Check out their fleet

Almost all Limo companies that offer transportation to and from the Seattle Airport will have their own websites. Visit these websites and see the kind of choices they offer. If the Limo service provider that you are checking out is offering very few choices, it surely is one of the smaller companies. Bigger companies usually offer more and better choices. This also talks about their availability and reliability.

Have a look at the kind of experience they have

Hiring a newer Limo service provider may come with its own nuances as they may not be so perfect at coordinating successful rides. The better option would be to go with a Limo service that has an in-depth experience when it comes to transportation. These details will be very much available on the official website of the Limo Company.

Find out the rental cost of the Limo

Price is definitely a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing a particular Limo service from many. There are a few Limo companies that add up a whole lot of fees to the base cost that they suggest to you. With tolls, administration costs, fuel surcharges and driver’s gratuity you may come across a 30% hike it the price that you may have to pay. It is good to go with a service that gives you a final price that includes all these things. Also make sure there are no peak hour charges.

Check out a few referrals

You can check with a few of your friends, colleagues and relatives about the kind of limo services they have used. Ask them if they have faced any kind of problems. Although it is highly unlikely that the same incident might repeat with you, it is always better to choose wisely. In fact word-of-mouth is definitely the best way to zero in on a good limo service.

Find out if it is safe

This is the most important thing to check if you want to pick out the best limo service. To ensure this you will have to check for their certifications andtheir liability insurance. You also have to see if their chauffeurs are trained professionally with valid licenses and if their vehicles have been inspected thoroughly.

Once you are assured that the Limo service you have chosen is a good one, you can be assured of a comfortable and safe ride.

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The tech industry is asking a crucial follow-up question about driverless cars

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Driverless cars are no longer a question of “if” or even “when.”

Instead, the tech industry is starting to ask a crucial follow-up question: “How?”

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Who’s Responsible for Your Uber Driver’s Health Coverage?

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In cities across the United States, anyone with a smartphone can order a meal from Postmates, a ride to work via Lyft or Uber, groceries on Instacart or a home cleaning on Handy. These services are so pervasive, with billions of dollars in total sales as a group, that it’s hard to believe they only sprung up in the past five years.

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Never choose a Limousine by Price

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Never choose a limousine service by price alone.  In no business like the limo business is the axiom “You get what you pay for” more correct.  Unscrupulous operators will quote a lowball price but will leave you stranded if they get a better paying booking. Remember that there is a price point that limousines companies cannot go below if they want to stay in business so a very low price will virtually always mean a very old and probably ill-maintained and probably uninsured vehicle.  The day of the week and time of year make a huge difference in the rental price.  Limos are the most expensive during prom season and on Friday and Saturday nights. The most expensive night of the year to rent a limo is New Year’s Eve, followed closely by Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Saturdays in June, July and August are also higher priced because of wedding rentals.  The key is to reserve the limo 6-8 weeks in advance for a wedding.

The cost of the limo also varies by the size and type of the vehicle.  A standard 120″ stretch Lincoln Town Car (called a 10 pack) holds eight people comfortably but ten can be crammed into one and rents for $65-$95 per hour depending on the day of the week and the season.  An SUV 160″ stretch Explorer or Navigator will run about $120-$165 per hour and will hold 14 people.  A Hummerzine (220″ HumVee stretch) will hold 18-20 people and will rent for $200-$225 per hour. A party bus will hold 22-25 and cost about $150-$175 per hour.  None of these rates include the tip for the chauffeur and it will be 20% in most cases and will be added automatically to the cost of the rental.  All of these limousines will have a four to six hour minimum and the clock starts when the limo leaves the limousine company in most cases.  Some (but very few) companies will start the time at the pickup point.  The clock ticks even when the limousine in parked and waiting for the passengers to come out of the party or restaurant.

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Weddings: 5 money warnings

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June’s knocking on the door, so it must be wedding prime time. Not only are a lot of couples getting married, many are planning their nuptials.

Whenever a lot of money is involved — weddings can cost a lot of money (a survey by put the 2012 average at $28,000) — the opportunity to get ripped off is there. The key is understanding what to watch out for, so you can recognize the warning signs and run the other way if you see them.

Not only are you potentially dealing with a big-money affair, but a typical reception will involve the hiring of multiple vendors. You have to hire a company to make the food, someone to play the music, someone else to take pictures and/or video, a florist, a limousine — the list can go on.

Because weddings tend to be booked far in advance, many vendors require deposits to hold the date. Legitimate ones do just that. The others, well, they might just take the deposit.

Since the wedding day is supposed to memorable for happy reasons, trying to avoid some of the pitfalls that have befallen some couples can help keep everything on a high note.

Here are five things to be careful about:

  1. The dress. Ah, the dress. There are entire TV shows built around brides finding dresses. What doesn’t make for good TV, though, are the situations where brides get ripped off while sitting in front of a computer. The Internet is home to loads of sites catering to brides-to-be. They want to sell you a dress and dresses for your whole wedding party, too. The problem is not all of them are on the up and up. Many sell knock-offs or poorly made versions on designer dresses. Before you make the purchase, consider whether getting a $5,000 dress for $200 is really plausible and check out the site’s history. Deal with known retailers.
  2. The limo. If you plan to have a limousine, you don’t want to take to the online classifieds to find someone running a special. Unless you want to be standing on the curb waiting for Dad to come rescue you, be sure to find a reputable company that does weddings as part of its repertoire. CHeck it out carefully. (There’s a theme here.) Look at the Better Business Bureau database to see the complaint history. Strongly consider recommendations from friends and family. Rather than booking a limousine on the Internet or through an 800-number, visit the limo company. You’ll see the fleet and at least know the company is real.
  3. The contracts. This might be more pitfall than ripoff, depending whom you ask. But contracts are contracts, and when you sign them you ought to know what you’re agreeing to. Pay attention, particularly when booking a venue, to just what you’re signing onto. Look at when you would incur cancellation penalties, dates when certain payments must be made, whether you can use any vendor or only certain vendors — you need to be sure you feel comfortable with the terms.
  4. The photographer. Anyone can call themselves a photographer. As anyone who isn’t a photographer knows, it is possible to get a great picture, but most amateurs take photos that are, well, amateur. Before hiring someone to do your pictures (and/or video), get a handle on his or her experience shooting weddings. Understanding how weddings work and what types of photos couples and their families want for keepsakes is important. Meet with photographers and look at photos from other weddings they’ve shot. And pay particular attention to their time in business and reputations. Because it is perfectly reasonable for a photographer to have a one- or two-person operation, it isn’t difficult to claim to be one. Check them out and consider recommendations from people you trust.
  5. The cake, etc. Even legitimate companies see weddings as a chance to pump up their prices. It’s called the “wedding premium.” A birthday cake might cost half the price of a similar cake headed to a wedding. There also are a ton of fees to watch out for, including some associated with the cake — such as fees to cut the cake, plate the cake and so on. The same rules apply when you’re getting invitations, party favors and just about anything that involves weddings. Watch out for those special charges, and know there are ways to avoid or minimize them. You can, for example, book a venue “for a party” or choose a cake that isn’t from the wedding book.

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JFK Limousine up for Sale

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The 22nd of this month marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy, former president of the U. S. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States, reining in the title from 1961 until his assassination in Dallas in November 1963.

He was famously shot in a convertible, a white 1963 Lincoln Continental. The car smoothly cruised the president, his wife and the Texas Governor from a breakfast speech. It was in this vehicle that the president was surprisingly driven to his death, causing great speculation over who the assassin was in front of thousands of spectators.

The vehicle has been displayed at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich for many years. A clone of the historic motor; the SS-100-X was recently up for auction in Belgium having attracted a great deal of interest coming up to the 50th anniversary of the presidents death.

There are a few differences between the car the president died in and the clone that was produced just two years on. The clone was of a SS-100-X but was not built as a convertible but a limousine. It was made by Cincinnati in Ohio, coachbuilder Hess and Eisenhardt but was a 1963 model where as the presidents was a 1961. However, they are both powered by a 40 cubic inch V8 engine.

The replica never actually offered its seats to JFK but does still encapsulate that sense of historic narrative that makes the car so inquisitive. It was expected to bring $220,000 but did not meet its reserve.

The knowledge of this addition to the attainable motor market caused great intrigue across the world but unfortunately did not obtain the financial interest appropriate to see the sale through.

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Planning A Safe Halloween

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Halloween is an exciting time, filled with magical princesses, scary ghosts and bewitching goblins. It can also be a dangerous time when drivers mix holiday fun with alcohol.

For those going trick-or-treating, be extra alert when crossing the street, wear bright, reflective clothing or add reflective tape to costumes and treat buckets, and bring a flashlight (with extra batteries) so you can see and be seen at night.

For those attending a party, have a designated driver, use a local cab service if drinking too much, hire a shuttle or limousine service to transport you and your friends to and from your event, and arrange a hotel stay for you and your friends so no one drives home impaired.

For those hosting a Halloween party, never serve alcohol to those under the age of 21, plan safe parties, including providing non-alcoholic drink options, don’t serve alcohol during the last hour of the party, provide plenty of food to keep your guests from drinking on an empty stomach, avoid too many salty snacks, which tend to make people thirsty and drink more, and be prepared to get everyone home safe by having the number of a taxi service on hand for those who need a ride.

Remember to put safety first this Halloween by designating a non-drinking driver and encouraging everyone else to do the same.

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Tips for hiring a Limousine

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Tips for hiring a limousine
Hiring a limousine can make a special event memorable and fun. Washington has many quality limousine companies to choose from, and you’ll get the most from your ride by following these tips.

Check references and make sure the company is licensed.
Before you ride, check the company’s business status online or call the Business Licensing Service at the Department of Revenue at 360.705.6744 to find out if the limousine company is licensed. To operate legally in Washington:
Limousine operators in Washington must be licensed and carry sufficient liability insurance.
Limousines must undergo annual safety inspections by the Washington State Patrol or City of Seattle.
Chauffeurs must:
Be at least 21 years of age.
Hold a valid driver license.
Complete a chauffeur training course.
Pass a State Patrol background check.
Pass a medical examination.
Participate in a random drug testing program.
Plan your trip.
Determine times for pickups and departures, type of vehicle, kind of services, price you’re willing to pay, and the number of passengers.

Check out the companies.
Check online and by phone to match your plan to vehicles and services offered by different companies.
Ask for a detailed price quote that includes all potential charges such as deposit, overtime, and tips.
Make sure you understand the refund and cancellation policies.
Book your ride through the limousine company.
Please don’t hire a limousine on the street as you would a taxi. Rides must be booked through the limousine company, not at the vehicle.

Ask for a contract.
Book early and get a written statement that includes total costs, deposit, refund and tip policies, pick-up/drop-off locations and times, specific vehicle, proof of insurance, and the Department of Licensing limousine decal number.
If you make a payment, be sure to get a receipt.
Consider inspecting the specific, contracted vehicle.
Follow up.
A week before your ride, confirm your arrangements.

Get what you paid for.
Inspect the vehicle and check amenities before entering the vehicle. If anything is different than expected, call the company immediately.
Be a responsible passenger and follow the limousine company rules.
Keep your receipts. If there were problems with your service, contact us to file a complaint. You can get a Business Resources Complaint form online or by calling 360.705.6744.